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Behind our consolidation

Managing Director Shri Mahinder Kumar Aggarwal, inspired by his wife,Smt. Pushpa Aggarwal, has been the mastermind behind the stabilization and growth of our enterprise from the beginning. He has built our corporate entity to make it a respected name among chat funds. He expresses his thought with these words:


Today, despite the ongoing economic reforms taking place in our economy, there still remains a lot to be desired. The financial institutions and private banks compete with each other to reach retail investors, but this yawning gap cannot be filled by them alone, on accessibility, eligibility, affordability and service.

Golden M.P Chit Fund (p) Ltd.  Has been at the service of the nation in chit fund business since 1971 with confidence based on the trust reposed on us by our patrons over this period. I am happy to inform you that our member base has expanded tremendously over the year because of your continued support and confidence. It gives me pleasure to inform you that your company has contributed to the creation of the savings habit by delivering handsome dividends to participants on the one hand, and servicing their financial needs  on the other hand. Needless to say ,we are among the rare undertakings offering chits from a few thousand  rupees to several lakh rupees.

I am sure we would continue to provide the best of services while upholding the highest standards of safety, liquidity and flexibility.

A also feel proud in claiming that the company has been default-free and a key factor in driving out fly-by-night operators. This is our strength and good will, making customer-relations more warm.

To enhance productivity, we constantly invest in technology and new systems. Our service drive was propelled to new initiatives with our adoption of the cutting-edge Effective Response System (ERS). It underlines our efficiency in tracking member satisfaction and gaining powerful insights into market trends and emerging needs.

We believe in being a partner of our members’ development process by understanding individual requirements. We put sincere efforts into advanced knowledge to enhance  the capability for our company to play an allotted role wishing to share this via collaboration and talent.

An opportunity to enrich yourself.

I invite you to join our rising and bring in other good subscribers. It will be our endeavour to provide the best of attention, at all times.


Mahinder Kumar Aggarwal

Maneging Director, GMP Group

Treasurer, All India Association of Chif Funds

President, Delhi Chit Fund Assocation

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