The Late Babu Lal Aggarwal

The Soul


Of our enterprise

In 1960, our esteemed founder, the late Shri Babulal Aggarwal, foresaw  the future of an enterprise such as ours. As a forward thinker and visionary, this luminary who established the BL Group.

His inspiring mission:

“To constantly usher in the latest and provide better quality and a variety of services. And bring prosperity and development to the lives of people.”

Translating his vision:

Building on each other’s individual strengths, and cooperation begins with the recognition of other persons as our partners. At the BL Group, we offer more than services. We simultaneously initiate long-term relationships with our customers.

This requires greeter commitment and  shouldering of more responsibility.

Our specialty is listening to our customers and constantly focusing on their needs. Our activities reflect us as a  customer focused and socially-responsible company -conscious, future-focused and socially-responsible company.

Thus,  from beginning , our company has endeavourer to provide absolutely the best in services. This has resulted in the ever-rising number of satisfied customers, fuelling the company’s continuous growth.

All of this is a reflection of the vision of the great soul, Shri B.L. Aggarwal, a dunamic entreoreneur with a rich experience in varied business.

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