Mr. Tarunn Aggarwal

The Heart


Of our pulsating growth

Having done his schooling from Delhi and Graduating from Delhi University, Shri Tarunn Aggarwal has done a course in fashion designing from NIFT and also an IATA-approved course with Japan Airways besides a course from IRDA in personal insurance.

“The common denominator of success — the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful — lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

He is a dynamic young professional with that rare ability and spirit to recognize winning ventures and make them leaders with a futuristic vision.

Mr. Tarunn Aggarwal and his brother started an export house B.L. International in 1986 and after 4 years Mr. Tarunn shifted to Finance in GMP Group. He also visits B.L. International for monetary decisions.

A true leader and committed businessmen, Mr. Tarunn Aggarwal joined the GMP Group in 1991 and started helping his father ,Shri Mahinder Kumar Aggarwal, to make a reality of our founder’s dreams.

He has the vision of an eagle and can foresee the trend of market way before it affects the market. This strong vision has been acting as a stepping stone for the future planning of GMP Group. With a brilliant mix of youth and experience, this proficient leader has led the company’s initiative into sky height.

As s CEO, Mr. Tarunn Aggarwal is responsible for communicating with eminent personalities and convincing them to share their expertise and resources with GMP group. With his proven skills in building strong relationships and always enthusiastic towards meeting challenges, he is the force with which contacts and content have been brought to the company. Besides being on the board and managing committee of the GMP group, Mr. Tarunn Aggarwal is a member of ROTARY CLUB, Delhi Rajdhani (Dist. 3010), AGGARWAL SABHA, Ex-Secretary GK II RWA W-Block, his relation and his sensitive approach towards the needs of all the persons associated with GMP Group has proved to be an asset

Mr. Tarunn Aggarwal’s proper management concern is a reflection of his leadership qualities. There are certain qualities which are considered inherent but there are some other qualities which may be acquired by experience and training. He took the view that the timing was right for significant investment in the market, and as a result he has assembled a dedicated and committed team of leading industry experts who share the same vision.


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